Penis enlargement

Penis enlargement is a technique, including surgery, by which to increase the size of the penis or penis. Penis enlargement methods and costs vary widely, depending on the method of penis enlargement and the patient's wishes.

Penis lengthening surgery

Reasons to increase penis size

Dissatisfaction with the length and volume of the penis can cause guilt, insecurity in their sexuality and, as a result, tension in their relationship with their partner. All of this significantly reduces the quality of sex life, causes discord in intimate relationships, and can even cause stress and nervous disorders, leading to psychological impotence.

Subjective assessment of a person's penis becomes the cause of a significant decrease in quality of life, insufficient length and volume of the penis is not only a sexual problem but also a pathological problem.

How to properly enlarge the penis?

With so many ways to enlarge the penis, the only really effective solution to this problem today is penis enlargement surgery.

Penis enlargement cannot be achieved through exercise, as a man's penis is made up of vascular tissue, not muscle tissue. This is why the usual exercise to strengthen the muscles will not help you to enlarge your penis and make it bulky.

What increases the penis?

Penis enlargement is an opportunity to quickly and thoroughly eliminate the reasons for your penis dissatisfaction, such as:

  • Insufficient penis length
  • Insufficient thickness of the penis
  • Size of the glans penis
  • Psychological discomfort associated with insufficient penile volume
  • Reduced self-esteem in intimate relationships
  • Discord in sexual relationships related to insecurity in their male abilities

With the help of activity, you canpenis enlargementin length, in diameter and at the same time in length and diameter.

Penis enlargement - cut ligaments

To increase the length of the penis, the ligaments that support it from above are intersected all the way to the junction with the shaft of the penis. This allows you to release the hidden part of the penis in your body, pushing it out. The increase in length of the penis depends on its physiological curvature and the length of the inner part fixed to the ligaments.

Usually, the increase in length of the penis after ligamentectomy is 2-4 cm, but it can reach much more.

There is no non-surgical penis enlargement method that can give such results!

Another important advantage of penis enlargement surgery is that the results achieved will last a lifetime. Thus, you solve the problem of insufficient penis length once and for all.

After 10-12 days, the stitches will be removed, and after 3-4 months you will be able to evaluate the final outcome of the surgery.

Cost of penis enlargement - cut ligaments

Prices fluctuate, including ligament cutting, anesthesia, hospital stay, bandages, and postoperative monitoring. The time of loss of working capacity is 2-3 days. After surgical treatment is performed, it is necessary to wear a penis extender for a period of 4-6 months.

Liposuction pubic in complex penis enlargement

With pronounced obesity of the pubic area in men, part of the penis is hidden, inactive. The thickness of the fat layer can sometimes be up to 5-10 cm leading to the obscuring more than half of the length of the penis. To release the hidden part of the penis, it is enough to perform liposuction of the pubic area. Pubic liposuction is performed under general anesthesia, can be combined with ligamentectomy, but can be done alone, taking 20-30 minutes.

Penis thickening

Currently, several methods of penile lengthening have been described to thicken the penis (implantation of free fat under the skin of the penis, skin or muscle banding of the anterior abdominal wall, partial muscle transplantation surgery). But these methods, which aim to enlarge the penis, have significant disadvantages: unpredictable results, no effect, high risk of complications, long hospital stay.

The principle of operation is to inject hyaluronic acid gel under the skin of the penis along the entire length of the shaft of the penis.

This method of penis enlargement was developed and tested in Seoul (Korea) by experts. Kim Jin-Hong and also in Belgrade (Serbia), the world's leading genital surgery specialist. Perovic Sava.

During surgical intervention, to enlarge the penis through perforations in the skin of the penis along its entire length, 20 ml of hyaluronic acid gel is injected, sometimes circumcision is required.

The injection gel is evenly distributed along the axis of the penis, which is flattened. At the same time, the loss of the initially achieved volume increase of the penis occurs no more than 15-20% after a few days, and the skin of the penis remains perfectly sensitive and mobile.

Penis thickening cost

The cost of penis enlargement surgery at our clinic is different, the price of penis enlargement surgery includes gel thickening, local anesthesia, 20 ml of hyaluronic acid gel, post-operative observation. The time of loss of working capacity is 2-3 days.