Penis attachments and extensions

penis enlargement

Penis enlargement is an artificial device shaped like a male genitalia. Men, who are almost always complicated about their penis size, go to porn shops. Thanks to the imitating penis tip, men's sex life will change more for the better - their partner will be more sensitive to the sensation of the penis in circumference and achieve intense orgasms, the duration of intercourse will increase. up many times.

Types and applications of attachments

There are many types of attachments mainly focusing on length and thickness. In addition, the penis enlargement tips come in different shapes, colors, additional curves and spikes, and the vibration creates a special sensitivity to the genitals of both partners, as well as the type of material thatthey are created. To change their sex lives, couples in love can buy a complete set of penis enlargement products, which will brighten their intimate corner.

The penis enlargement attachment is very convenient to use - it is worn before intercourse on an erect penis. For secure attachment, an erection ring is installed, which is sometimes included in the kit. The device is pre-washed in warm water with detergent or special agent for silicone and rubber. It is allowed to apply various lubricants and creams, using condoms.

Advantages and disadvantages

If a man has a small diameter or a short penis size, then the attachments will be of great help to him, helping him to solve this problem. Easy to use, allows you to achieve incredible sensations during sex, with proper handling, they are stored for a long time, for every man without erectile dysfunction. The disadvantage is the high price for proprietary devices with additional elements for stimulation of the anus or clitoris. In addition, penis enlargement attachments are only temporary in nature, thereby limiting a man's natural size of the maximum size in the case of normal intercourse.

Penis enlargement machine

Most men are ashamed of the size of their penis, which negatively affects their psycho-emotional state. One of the most effective methods to achieve the long-awaited sexual results is the stretching machine. The extender is a special device for penis enlargement by which a man can achieve improvements in his intimate life. Long-term wear for a period of six months, the device can increase the length of the penis by 3-4 cm, as well as add a tangible dimension in diameter.

Vacuum cleaners are very popular for men of different ages, and at the same time do not cause discomfort when worn. The principle of operation of this device is based on the suction force of the penis due to the vacuum. Furthermore, special studies by sexologists have revealed that the use of vacuum extenders is an adjunct in impotence and the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men.

Using the extender and its effects

penis enlargement machine

With the help of a stretcher, the glans is fixed in a stretched position for at least 6 hours a day, with breaks every half hour for 20-30 minutes. At the same time, the spongy structure of the penis, which is replenished with blood periodically, adapts to such contraction, which will cause the penis to increase without reverse change. Extensions are mainly classified into round, waist and universal. Each man chooses a device to zoom in individually, according to his requirements. The expander was fastened by a man himself without the help of strangers at home. First, you need to place the "calm" member of the bottom plastic base, then screw the metal rods to fit the length of the built guitar. The silicone grommet is inserted into the foam pad, bent with a ring and fitted to the upper plastic base (with tension rings in some models), which is then placed on the extender. The penile end fixation should not be too tight on the tip, as this will disturb blood flow. After wearing a condom to enlarge the penis, you can rest assured to wear loose clothes and not worry that it will stand out in the eyes of others.

How to choose furniture?

Men who have tried in every possible way to enlarge their genitals have made the mistake of their choice many times and lost a lot of time. However, after undergoing various types of penis enlargement and attachment devices, their sex life has improved a lot. Although there are many types of devices, each requires careful study of the instructions for use and if there is any serious disease involving the internal organs of the inguinal region - it is imperative to consult a doctor. doctor.

It must be remembered that artificial attachments only give an incremental effect over a period of time, permanent wear is not possible. The pleasures in the process of using the condom are mainly received by the partner, the man only praises the size and activity of the penis. At the same time, a weak erection can spoil the process, therefore, before using the accessories on yourself, it is necessary to correct the situation with effect. Penis enlargement with a extender makes more sense. Long-term use of the device ensures that the desired effect is achieved - the penis is indeed able to increase in size. When wearing a T-shirt, you can freely move on the street, spend time at work. The device needs to be removed before sex and before going to the bathroom, the rest of the time is not uncomfortable. Thanks to modern technology, men can fulfill their desperate dreams, improve their dignity and manifest opportunities in the intimate sphere.